Local infection prevention measures for Lørenskog

Lørenskog municipality adopted new infection control measures, these are an addition to the resolutions made on 30 October.

These are the measures and apply to everyone who lives and works in Lørenskog municipality.

  • All premises and businesses where cultural and leisure activities take place are closed, with the exception of libraries and places where activities for children & young people under the age of 20 take place. This means that gyms, cinemas and Lekeland will close. Swimming pools are closed to commercial activities.
  • Stores, shopping centres and other retail outlets must ensure that everyone who is present in the facilities can keep a distance of at least two meters, & if necessary, provide security to maintain this.
  • Ban on serving alcohol. Restaurants can stay open without serving alcohol.
  • All indoor events are banned, with some exceptions:   
    • Funerals (with a maximum of 50 people present, and social distancing of 1 meter is required).
    • Baptisms, weddings, and other similar rituals without spectators.
  • Cease of recreational sports for adults. This will also apply to other leisure activities for adults such as music corps and choir. Elite sports can be carried out without spectators indoors, and with a maximum of 200 spectators outdoors, provided that social distancing of 1 meter is maintained.
  • Recreational sports for Children and youth are shielded and training can continue, but one cannot participate in competitions, matches, cups and tournaments, not even in other municipalities.
  • Face masks are mandatory in taxis.
  • Red infection control level is introduced in upper secondary school and adult education, and red level will be considered in lowered secondary school in the coming weeks.

Munnbind - Klikk for stort bildeKeep your distance, wear a face mask, and limit the amount of people you meet.The measures adopted on October 30 are still in force

  • Face masks are mandatory on public transport.
  • Face masks are mandatory for employees and guests at indoor catering establishments, in all situations when not sitting at a table.
  • Face masks are mandatory inside public places (such as shops, places of worship and premises for cultural, sports and leisure activities).
  • Home office is compulsory when its practically possible.
  • Ban on private gatherings of more than 10 people, both indoors and outdoors.
  • It is not allowed to hold public events with more than:
    • 200 people present simultaneously when the event is outdoors

Face mask exemptions

Note that the requirement to wear a face mask does not apply to those who are engaging in physical activity, to children younger than 12 years, or those who cannot wear a mask because of medical or other reasons.

Correspondingly, the requirement to use a face mask only applies to employees in these places (such as shops, places of worship and premises for cultural, sports and leisure activities) if they cannot keep a distance of at least 1 meter. When infection prevention measures have been implemented, such as visors and partitions, or there is sufficient distance to visitors, employees do not have to wear face masks.

How to order a corona test

This page has information about how you order a corona test in Lørenskog.