Digital booking of corona test

You can book time for corona testing online in Lørenskog. But there are some requirements. You need to:

  • Have a Norwegian social security number (Fødselsnummer).
  • Live in Lørenskog.
  • Have a bankID, either through a code chip or on your cell phone (BankID på mobil).

We prefer that those who are able to book the test online, rather than over telephone.

You can book a test for yourself, your children and other people in your care, but everyone you book need a Norwegian social security number (fødselsnummer) or a D-number, and you need to provide the full number (11 digits) during booking.

Here is the digital booking form.

Remember that you don’t need to call the corona phone when you book a test online.

Everyone with symptons on respiratory tract infection should get tested.

The test center in Lørenskog is at Løkenåsveien 29, next to Skårer church (Skårer kirke).

Personer som blir testet for korona - Klikk for stort bilde Jonas Ruud / Lørenskog kommune

The corona phone in Lørenskog

If you don’t have a bank-ID or a Norwegian social security number, we will still help you. You can book a test over phone by calling 67 49 50 27. This phone is manned 08:30-21:30 Monday - Sunday.

Infection tracing

The team who tracks corona infections are calling those who could possibly have been infected by others. They use this phone number: 40 40 98 38. If you have an unanswered call from this number, we ask that you call us back as soon as possible. It is very important that we get in contact with everyone who may be infected by the corona virus.