After-school program

The after-school program is called skolefritidsordning or SFO in Norway. After-school activities are available to all children in their local school from 1st to 4th grade.

Løkenåsen school offers in addition an after-school program to disabled children and youths from 12 to 18 years living anywhere in the municipality. For information about the activities at your local school, please contact the school.

Arrangements are facilitated so that children can choose what they want to work or play with. The schools emphasize creating an environment where the children learn to respect each other, differences are accepted and it is possible to develop through games, socializing and shared meals.

Your child stays enrolled in the after-school program until a termination notice is delivered and confirmed by the web portal Oppvekstportalen. For information about the deadlines for termination please see the document on payment rules. (PDF, 38 kB)

More information:

Payment rules for the after-school program.

Application for income adjusted payment for the after-school program in Lørenskog (PDF, 38 kB)

Municipal regulations for the after-school program (DOCX, 28 kB). This document is also available in Turkish (PDF, 174 kB), Tamil (PDF, 186 kB), Polish (PDF, 123 kB) and Urdu (PDF, 113 kB).