Information about the kindergarten service in Lørenskog

Lørenskog has 18 municipal kindergartens, owned and operated by the Municipality of Lørenskog. There are also 10 privately owned kindergartens, and 13 smaller private kindergartens (4 to 8 children) located in private homes.
In addition there are five kindergartens for employees at the Akershus University Hospital.

Residence time

Municipal kindergartens offer the following options for residence time:

100%, 50 hours a week, 5 whole days
50%, 50 hours distributed on whole days over two weeks

If you apply for less than 100% residence time, please specify which weekdays you prefer in the application.

Private kindergartens have different residence time and criteria for admission. Both private and municipal kindergartens offer a sibling discount of 30% and reduced payment for low-income families.

Kindergarten and cash for care benefits

The family loses the cash-for-care benefit (kontantstøtte) if the child attends kindergarten for more than 20 hours a week. Between 1-19 hours a week gives 50% of the cash-for-care benefits.

Open kindergarten

The open kindergarten in Lørenskog is an offer to parents or other caretakers with children aged 0-6, who for various reasons don't attend an ordinary kindergarten. The open kindergarten can provide the children with a stimulating and developing environment and contact with other children through play and joint activities.

The open kindergarten is located at Gamle Solheim skole at Kjenn.

More information and contact details about open kindergarten

How to apply

All kindergartens are part of a coordinated application process and use the same application form. Applications for admission are sent via the website oppvekstportalen (in Norwegian).
You need to write a separate application for each child and the full social security number (11 digits) for both the child and the parents/guardians.

The application deadline for the main admission is March 1.

More information in Norwegian

Lists of municipal kindergartens, large private kindergartens and small private kindergartens.

If you have questions about the application process, you can call 67 93 40 00 or e-mail