Lørenskog adult education center

Klikk for stort bildeLørenskog adult education center (Lørenskog voksenopplæring) is a municipal center offering:

  • education in Norwegian language and society for adult immigrants
  • education at the primary and secondary level to all adults
  • an introduction program for newly arrived refugees.

The center has 14 employees and about 300 students.

The center offers classes both in daytime and the evening.

Registration and knowledge mapping of new students in Norwegian language

The center accepts new students for registration and mapping of their knowledge levels every Friday between 09:00 and 11:00 (9am to 11am). Potential students have to bring their passport and residence card to the registration. All applicants are told at the registration whether they are entitled to free education of Norwegian language or if they have to pay.

As part of the registration the school does a basic mapping of each student's skill in the Norwegian language to find the right class for the student.

Primary education for adults

The Norwegian Education Act (Opplæringsloven) gives everyone the right to primary education (up to 10th grade) cf. the Norwegian Education Act §4A-1, even if they have completed primary education either in Norway or their homeland. The students can choose to take one, several or all available classes (Norwegian language, mathematics, science, English and social studies), and whether or not to take the final exam.

This right is given to people above compulsory school age (16 years), as long as they haven't earned the right to upper secondary education §3-1).

All applicants speaking a foreign language are required to have a residence permit, except for asylum seekers between 16 and 18 years of age.

Lørenskog Adult Education Center offers primary education for adults in the following courses:

  • Norwegian
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Social studies
  • Science

To receive a diploma you need to go through a final exam.

The education is adopted to the level and educational background of each individual student. Career planning and a visit to the yearly work exhibition is part of the program. Guidance and advice is given to all students when needed, and everyone in the senior class is given help with applications for jobs or upper secondary education.

Potential students can contact the school and arrange for an appointment where their knowledge level is determined and, if so desired, the application will be filled out.


Contact information/address:

Lørenskog voksenopplæring

Rastastubben 1

1476 Rasta

Phone: 67 49 50 16

Email: vo@lorenskog.kommune.no

Website: http://www.vo.lorenskog.no