Digital letters

According to Norwegian authoritiy guidelines, Lørenskog municipality aims to communicate digitally with our inhabitants. Therefore, we would like to send you mail digitally rather than on paper. A digital mailbox is an encrypted and safe way of receiving letters from the municipality as well as from other authorities.

Common e-mail is not secure and can not be used for sensitive information.

Advantages of using digital mail:

  • You get all governmental mail in a safe and secure way and in one place.
  • You can access your mail from anywhere - PC, phone and tablet.
  • You will be alerted via text message and e-mail when you receive a letter from Lørenskog or other governmental bodies.
  • You will get information and replies from Lørenskog faster.
  • You save the environment and help us reduce public costs.

How do I create a digital mailbox?

You can choose e-Boks or Digipost (choose "Språk" and then English) as your digital mailbox. When you create a digital mailbox you accept that we start sending you digital letters. When this is done you will no longer receive physical mail from the government even if you don't use your digital mailbox.

If you don't create a digital mailbox we will send you letters in Altinn. If you don't open the letter in Altinn within two days a paper copy will be printed and sent to your physical mailbox.

Reservation against digital mail

If you don't want to receive digital mail you can opt out in Difi's contact and reservation register or by calling 800 30 300. You can opt in again later if you change your mind.

More information

More information about digital mailbox.